Non Medical Home Care

Personalized care plans to attend to your specific needs. Doesn’t matter how old your loved one is, or if there is any condition that implies mobility difficulties. We can help. Great Mercy provides home care solutions specifically for your needs. Our non-medical home care services will depend on the results of your health assessment and …

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In-Home Caregivers

Great Mercy helps you optimize your loved one’s quality of living without leaving home. We help with daily activities to improve your senior family member’s quality of living. Safety is important while keeping up with regular activities at home, and we aim to provide a comfortable and secure service to our patients. Among other activities, …

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Day Surgery Services

Assistant with pre-surgical needs for our clients. We assist our clients with pre-surgical needs, such as transportation, organize medical documents, provide a companion to and from the hospital, perform pre-operative checks, and more. We work closely with medical providers to take care of every detail needed before the surgery. After the surgery, our caregivers can …

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Hospital Discharge Services

Services for a comfortable hospital discharge. Great Mercy has the knowledge necessary about the hospital discharge process, so we can provide proficient services to families and patients. We take care of the paperwork to file and complete so you or your family don’t have to worry about these tasks and can focus on the recovery …

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Transportation Support

Convenient and safe transportation care. Aging comes with some difficulties, and most of the time, just moving from one place to another, can be challenging for seniors. If you add some health conditions and mobility limitations, this can become a real struggle. We want to make our seniors comfortable and assists in all the ways …

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24 Hour / Live in Care

Around-the-clock care for seniors. Great Mercy offers peace of mind with its services. We provide expert assistance to seniors at home, 24-hour, so we can act immediately and prevent visits to hospitals or complications. Our care plans include caregivers with 12 hours shifts, so your loved one is always assisted, and her/his needs are always …

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Complex Personal Care

Professional caregivers who provide instructions to patients and families. We assist our clients in day-to-day activities and take care of their personal needs, however, we want you to feel confident and independent so additionally to trained caregiver services, we provide family members with the information and instructions they need to help with their loved one’s …

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Personal Care

We offer a hand with daily tasks and activities, so your routine remains unchanged. Simple tasks can become complex with the passing of time. We help our seniors clients with these small activities, so they don’t have to struggle while doing it by themselves. We are professionals prepared to help with activities of daily living. …

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Companion Care

Companionship, emotional support, and comfort for your loved ones. As life goes by, family members have their own agendas and engagements to fulfill, while their aging loved ones tend to stay alone and having a less active social life. We understand how important interaction with the world around us can be for seniors, so we …

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