Best rate for professional local moving

Expert Team Movers offers you a high-quality local moving service no matter if you just need to move one bedroom or your entire home. Our trained staff has all the knowledge, experience and care to help you move with the minimum hassle possible, being always careful with your possessions.

Our local moving services for residential moving are charged by an hourly rate so if you get your items packed and ready before the crew’s arrival you will save money. Expert Team Movers fee will begin by the time we arrive at the pickup location and continue as the crew loads the truck with your belongings, drives to the final location and unloads your items at your new house.

The rates we provide for local moving are backed-up and include qualify expert crews, fully equipped with necessary tools, moving truck, furniture blankets and everything you need to ensure a safe moving. Our service includes, your furniture fully wrapped with quilts before it is removed from your home. Our team of experts completely disassemble and reassemble beds and big furniture pieces. We have the capacity for large moves. Expert Team Movers is a full service moving company, we pack, move and store and deliver your items.


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Safe and hassle-free long-distance moving

At Expert Team Movers we are wide aware of how important it is for you to count on a reliable company that ensures the care and timely delivery of your items when it comes to a long-distance moving. Our trained crew will make sure your cargo is moved safely so you won’t need to worry about anything.

Long-distance moving doesn’t have to be a headache; we are recognized by our clients for our professionalism, dedication and responsibility. Expert Team Movers main goal is to make sure you feel confident in the service and trust your belongings are being moved as it was ours.

Our fees for long-distance moving are set mainly according to the weight of your cargo, and secondarily by the distance between the pickup and drop off location. Your items will be measured by weighting them on scales located on major highways or moving facilities. We weight the empty truck on a scale, and then the loaded truck, so we can subtract the “empty weight” from the loaded truck weight and determine the final weight of your cargo.

Our trained staff will provide you with an estimate for your long-distance moving customized to your needs so you can have a plan and have everything took cared when the moving day comes.


Our guarantee is to deliver a quality and safe service each time


We care for every client’s possessions and treat them accordingly


We are determined to provide our customers with the service that they need



Ofelia Manlo

I called to inquire about the services and information I’ll need to plan my move in September. I’m nervous about moving for the first time, but Julio was sweet, patient, and provided top-notch, high quality customer service. I feel confident and assured that I’m working with the best moving company.

If you want world-class customer service, I recommend working with Julio for all your future moving needs! :D”

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