Are you looking to rent your commercial property?

Renting or leasing a commercial building can bring difficulties with it, and of course, it is more complex than leasing a house or condo. There are many factors you need to take into account in order to get a successful transaction, such as market value, regulations, maintenance, repairs needed, among others.

Have in mind that you need to make sure the state of your property must be checked, and you need to take care of any improvement or repairs to put it on the market. Additionally, you need to factor other rents in the market for similar properties to set a proper price

  • Hire an agent
  • Set the right rent price for your property
  • Know your property’s worth and market value for rents
  • Get detailed information you need to have in hand for potential lenders
  • Get maintenance, inspections and legal regulations fulfilled
  • Market your property correctly

At Complete House Works we are committed to help you with the process so you can get the higher profit. Let professionals handle the transaction for you and ease the headache as well as save the most time possible.

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