Sell a Multi-Unit

Do you have a multi-unit property and need to sell it? As a multi-unit property owner, you may find more difficulty in selling than put single-family property on the market. The reason this can be more complex, is the fact that probably there will be more people involve than just 2 parties in the negotiation process. There are certain rules and regulations you will need to abide to, and it may vary from location to location, therefore, it is important that you are aware of all the implications selling your property may imply. We count with a professional team [...]

Sell a Business

Business owners can underestimate the time and aspects that need to be cover when selling out a company. Certain knowledge on business valuation, marketing, vetting buyers, negotiation, financial analysis, market and industry are key to make the right decision. Complete House Works can help you to ensure confidentiality and the to fulfill the requirements and negotiations necessary to accomplish a successful closing for all parties involved. Valuing businesses Support due diligence Vetting potential buyers Financial analysis Market expertise We can offer you support every step of the way, making sure all the areas of the transaction are covered and [...]

Sell a Commercial Building

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Sell A Condo

Are you looking to sell your condo? Condos have some features to have into account when you want to sell and are quite different from selling a single-family house. You can find yourself entering in a tricky market when selling a condo, this is due to offer out there, which can be quite extensive. You will probably encounter with many sellers offering condos even in the same building and with the same features that yours. However, this not a stopper for you to achieve your sell. Condos are usually smaller, and therefore, have a lower price than single-family houses, [...]

Sell a House

Are you ready to sell your house? Finding a suitable buyer for the property that probably has become more than just a house to you can be challenging, emotional and time-consuming. It may seem like a good idea to save some money and just put a sign in the yard, however, this transaction can easily become a difficult situation. If you are thinking in taking this step, we have a professional experienced team to help you. We can guide thought the process that must be followed in order to sell your house as smoothly as possible. Hire an agent [...]