Do you have a Corporation and want to make an investment on a property?

There are ways to make it happen.

What is a Corporation?

A Corporation is an association from 1 and up to 1,000 people in business partnership. In the foundation contract, you can stablish the contribution percentage of each partner so every costs and income can be distributed fairly and under the law by contract clauses.

What can you do with a Corporation?

Under a Corporation, you can create a common fund, secure and with visibility to each partner, where each contribute can be held and be used to fulfill Corporation needs to cover costs and/or investments.

How to invest on a property through a Corporation?

When investing on a property for a Corporation, the way to proceed is to buy it as an individual and then transfer the title to the Corporation. This can be made by 1 or 2 partners of the Corporation who has a good credit score and income, in case a loan is needed to buy the property.

What are the reasons to create a Corporation in order to invest on Real Estate?

  • If your insurance isn’t appropriate to buy a property.
  • Some lenders may give you a loan easily through a Corporation.
  • Foreign people can invest on Real Estate with incomes from their origin country if they do so through a Corporation in the United States.

If you need guidance and information on how to create a Corporation or the benefits of it when it comes to investments, contact me now.

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