Do you have a multi-unit property and need to sell it?

As a multi-unit property owner, you may find more difficulty in selling than put single-family property on the market. The reason this can be more complex, is the fact that probably there will be more people involve than just 2 parties in the negotiation process.

There are certain rules and regulations you will need to abide to, and it may vary from location to location, therefore, it is important that you are aware of all the implications selling your property may imply.

In this class we will teach you all the information necessary to have into account when selling a multi-unit property. We will give you some tips you will definitely want to keep in mind when dealing with this process.

In our 3 hours training you will learn basics such as:

  1. Why is it so important to hire an agent?
  2. How to set a price for your multi-unit
  3. What details and information you need to have in hand for potential buyers?
  4. Maintenance, inspections and legal regulations you need to fulfill
  5. How to manage leases, tenants’ rights and occupancy

In our class you will learn from professionals in real estate, tips, best options and information that must be followed in order to sell your multi-unit managing the complexity of the process.

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