A residential property can include a single-family home, a condo unit, apartment, townhouse, duplex or any type of property that is used for living purposes. Residential rental property can be an attractive investment, since most people are familiar with the process of renting a house, whether as a tenant or a lender.

If it is true that you can know the basic process of renting a house, it is also true that it can be trickier than you expect and time-consuming, especially if you are a first-time tenant. This is why we offer you a class focused on giving you tips on finding the perfect lender and how fulfill all the documentation and process of the transaction.

Attend our class and learn all the information necessary to rent your residential property. We will give you some tips that will definitely help when dealing with this process.

In our 3 hours training you will learn basics such as:

  • Why is it so important to hire an agent?
  • How to set a rent price for property
  • How to value your property’s worth and market value for rents
  • What details and information you need to have in hand for potential lenders?
  • Maintenance, inspections and legal regulations you need to fulfill
  • How to market your property correctly

In our class you will learn from professionals in real estate, tips, best options and information that must be followed in order to rent your residential property in a easy way.

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