List a Lease

HOW HIRING A REAL ESTATE AGENT CAN MAKE MY LIFE EASIER WHEN RENTING MY PROPERTY? Having a property for rent it’s a great investment, however, listing it and finding the perfect tenant, can a time-consuming and quite stressful sometimes. If you already have a renter that you are comfortable with, you may not see the trouble. When you need to find a [...]

Why forming a Corporation

Forming a Corporation can be quite beneficial whether you are starting a new business or have been operating as a sole proprietorship or general partnership for a while now. Many business owners have the perception that opening a Corporation can be both costly and time-consuming, however, it is not the case. Putting the gains and losses in a balance, you could be [...]

How to form a corporation

A Corporation is an entity owned by shareholders while is separate legal constitution formed under state civil law. The life of corporations is perpetual in nature, and it must be registered with the California Secretary of State before starting to conduct business operations, as well as file the appropriate paperwork. What are the advantages of forming a Corporation? Forming a Corporation even [...]

Lease a Residential Property

Do you have a residential property uninhabited and would like to profit from it? Whether you are the lucky owner of a single-family home, a condo unit, apartment, townhouse, duplex, or any type of property that is used for living purposes, you have the possibility of making an income and take advantage of not living in this property. Residential rental property can [...]

Lease a Commercial Property

Are you looking to rent your commercial property? Renting or leasing a commercial building can bring difficulties with it, and of course, it is more complex than leasing a house or condo. There are many factors you need to take into account in order to get a successful transaction, such as market value, regulations, maintenance, repairs needed, among others. Have in mind [...]

How to invest in property with your IRA

Are you a first-time buyer looking to make the down payment of a home? Keep reading, because this is probably a good choice to look into. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tool to set investment so you can have saving when the time for retirement comes. This type of investment has real advantages when it comes to taxes and there [...]